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List of Fruits that contain Vitamin A and its Benefits

Fruits that contain vitamin A have many health benefits for the body, especially the eyes and skin. There are several types of fruit that are known to be rich in vitamin A. Know what the sources of vitamin A are, along with their benefits. Basically, vitamin A can be found in almost all types of fruit. Vitamin A functions to maintain the health of the organs of vision, strengthen the immune system, and support cell growth. Although the content of vitamin A is owned by almost all fruits, but some fruits have higher vitamin A content than other fruits. List of Fruits Containing Vitamin A The following is further explained list of fruits that are rich in vitamin A. These fruits can be included in your daily food list: 1. Mango Not only is it known for its sweet taste, mangoes are also known to be rich in vitamin A. Consuming them regularly can maintain eye health, skin, and improve bone health, reproductive system, and immune system. 2. Papaya Papaya is a tropical fruit that h
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Black Armpit, Causes and How to Eliminate it

Although not always visible, black armpits can interfere with self-confidence, especially in women. During this time, many people assume that the black armpit is caused by the habit of shaving the armpit. Though black armpits can be caused by various things. Therefore, the way to overcome them also varies. Armpit skin color should be the same as skin color on other body parts. But in some people, the skin on the armpits can look black. Well, this black armpit skin can make some people, especially women, become insecure. This is because the black armpits are considered unsightly and disturbing appearance, especially when wearing clothes that do not cover the arm (tank top). Some Causes of Black Armpits There are several conditions that cause the armpit to become black, including: 1. Underarm skin irritation One of the most common causes of black underarm skin is often removing underarm hair by shaving or pulling underarm hair. This can make the skin easily irritated and trigge

The Facts Behind 10 Important Myths of Breastfeeding Mother Know

Now more and more information is obtained by the mother who is breastfeeding. Unfortunately, not all information is correct. Not a few things about breastfeeding that Mother is worried about is actually just a myth. Come on, know what information is nothing more than a myth and does not need to be trusted. Information can be obtained from various places and people around the Mother. Including when relatives and friends visit and provide information about breastfeeding. Sometimes there are soothing, but many also make Mother confused and worried. Relax, not everything needs to be swallowed whole. Examine and re-sort various information about breastfeeding that you received. Lest, it's just a myth. Myths About Breastfeeding That Is Not Right In order to breastfeed comfortably, it is important to continue to find the right information. Now, instead of being confused, let's look at things that Mother often hears, along with the facts: A mother who has just given birth cannot